Remarkable Health Launches First Behavioral Health AI Documentation Tool; Makes Clinical Documentation Faster, Easier and Higher Quality

Bells integrates with an agency’s EHR and reduces clinical documentation time by 50%

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., July 28, 2021 – Remarkable Health, an innovative technology partner for behavioral health and human service providers, today announced the launch of Bells, the first smart documentation assistant designed specifically for behavioral health professionals. Acting like Grammarly for writing, Bells is an AI-enabled tool that improves and streamlines the note-taking process by reducing errors, eliminating redundancy, improving quality and decreasing rejected claims.

Early users have reported a reduction in clinical documentation time by 50%, which, for some, is the equivalent of getting one day per week back to spend on patient – and much-needed self-care.

The burnout rate for behavioral health professionals is alarming; nearly half of therapists report burnout in their jobs, a number that has increased as the COVID-19 pandemic drove demand for mental health services. For those serving the Medicaid population, the situation is even more dire, with a significant shortage of mental health providers putting pressure on those that are picking up the increased need for services. For example, rural areas have just 1.8 licensed behavioral health providers per 1,000 Medicaid enrollees (compared with 6.4 in urban counties).

“Mental health providers are spending up to 2 hours per day writing notes, often after 5:00 when they should be going home to decompress,” said Peter Flick, CEO of Remarkable Health. “This administrative burden, coupled with the increased demand for mental health services, is leading to record levels of provider burnout and turnover. Those providing critical and much-needed behavioral health services, particularly to the underserved Medicaid population, are drowning in documentation because of antiquated processes and tools. We knew there had to be a better way; a solution that could make the process as easy as Grammarly is for writing. That’s why we developed Bells… to give them back time to focus on the patient work they went into this field to do.” 

How It Works

Bells’ suite of tools delivers immediate and ongoing improvements in the documentation process through rules and AI learning in order to automate and streamline formerly manual and inefficient processes. Offered via desktop and mobile app, users can choose which (or both) formats work best for their workflow.

Bells Features

  • Scribbles notepad. HIPPA-secure notepad to easily capture information and pictures around a session that seamlessly translate to the progress note.
  • Compliant capture. Quickly and securely record complex data such as handwritten notes, prescription labels, drawings, forms, or assessments as a photo for future reference.
  • Note assist. Templates, text expansions, and pre-populated drop-in phrases help you gain speed and accuracy in note writing.
  • AI-powered reviewAdvanced spelling and grammar review which incorporates an industry- and agency-specific health and human services dictionary to improve note quality.
  • Clinical tips. Contextual-based recommendations that more accurately describe and document services provided to improve internal QA reviews and payor audits.

“We are up against so many challenges,” said Mary Jones, president/CEO, Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas. “First, there’s the challenge of remembering session details, especially when we see patients back-to-back throughout a day. Second, there’s the issue of training; sometimes we just don’t have the time to train people on the level of documentation needed for reimbursement. Third, when errors happen, claims get rejected. Our teams just want to deliver the best possible care to our patients; with Bells, we finally have a tool that was designed just for us, that addresses all of those challenges and lets us get back to the patient work we love.”

Flick continued: “We created Bells to alleviate significant documentation challenges in underserved Medicaid behavioral health agencies. As the nation’s largest payer of mental health services, and which recently just topped an all-time high enrollment of 80.5 million Americans – Medicaid provides health coverage to 26% of adults with a serious mental illness. The people delivering those services deserve solutions that improve job satisfaction, employee retention and financial benefits. Our hope is that by reducing the time spent on admin, we might help them do just that.”

About Remarkable Health

Remarkable Health is a leading software company focused on providing behavioral health, substance abuse and human service organizations the tools they need to provide remarkable staff to client experiences and drive positive outcomes. They offer EHR+, which includes a CT|One (FKA ClaimTrak), a purpose built fully integrated EHR platform, and Bells, the first virtual clinical documentation assistant that works as a companion to the EHR experience. Learn more at Remarkable Health.

Bells is the first virtual clinical documentation assistant for the behavioral health and human services industry. Bells provides a suite of tools that deliver immediate and ongoing improvements in the clinical documentation process that save time, reduce errors, eliminate redundancy, improve quality, decrease rejected claims and increase employee satisfaction through both rules-based capabilities, as well as AI learning and recommendation capabilities.

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